Acadiana High School Free Income Tax Preparation

Acadiana High School will once again prepare income tax returns as a free public service to the community. 
Please call our office at (337) 521.7411, then press 6 + 16950 to schedule an appointment.
We prepare the following:
Form 982
Form 1040EZ
Form 1040A
Form 1040
Schedule A, B, EIC, & R
Form 1040-ES
Form 2241 (child and dependent care)
Form 5405
Form 8863 (education credit)
Frm 8812 (additional child tax credit)
Form 8888 (direct deposit)

We are NOT preparing the following:
Schedule C (Profit or Loss from Business)
Complicated & Advanced Schedule D
Schedule E (Rents & Losses)
Form SS-5 (Request for SS Number)
form 2106 ( Employee Business Expenses)
Form 3903 (Moving)
Form 8606 (Non-deductible Expenses)
Form 8915 (Minor's investment income)
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