Advisory Board

Advisory Boards bridge schools and communities. These individuals together provide the classroom speakers, mentors, job-shadowing venues, funding for scholarships, and paid internships for all eligible Academy students.

An Academy Advisory Board member:

  • Enjoys creating customized work experiences in which students develop skills necessary for academic and professional success;
  • Appreciates the value of capable and caring adult mentorship and professional internships to high school students who would not otherwise access this support;
  • Understands the critical importance of their partnership to Academy staff and students who thrive with a strong degree of engagement from an Academy Advisory Board.

Academies are not only enhanced by a creative and engaged Advisory Board, but DEFINED by it.

Corporate personnel, representatives from institutions of higher learning, representatives from community-based non-profits, local or regional government representatives, small-business owners and employees all offer vast and essential resources that complete the structure of the NAF Academy model. Our Academy Advisory Board members are: