Handbook & Curriculum

The Handbook can be found by clicking HERE.

Students choose from one of three pathways in the Academy of Business. The choices & their curriculum are:*


  • Principles of Finance/Professional Ethics
  • Entrepreneurship/Business in a Global Economy
  • Accounting
  • Internship
  • Business Economics/Applied Finance


  • Principles of Hospitality & Tourism/Hospitality Marketing
  • Nutrition & Foods/Advanced Nutrition & Foods
  • ProStart I
  • Internship
  • ProStart II


  • Principles of Hospitality & Tourism/Hospitality Marketing
  • Geography for Tourism/Sustainable Tourism
  • Event Planning/Delivering Great Customer Service
  • Internship
  • Lodging Management

*Specific course offerings are subject to change; however, each year a student will be required to schedule and pass a minimum of 1.0 credits in Academy courses (either two 1/2 credit courses or 1 full credit course).

If a student does not pass a required course, he/she will be removed from the Academy and must return to his/her home zone school the following school year.